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First Political ​Social Network ​in the World!

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Empowering Civic Engagement

Be part of a groundbreaking platform ​that amplifies your voice, connects ​you with like-minded individuals, and ​catalyzes positive change on local ​and global political issues.

What s Special About Qolitica
Image about Qolitica: The World's First Political Social Network! Politicians.

Global Leaders

Meet, interact, support and ​debate with the main political ​leaders in the world.

Image about Qolitica: The World's First Political Social Network! Politicians.

Support Ideas

Read, comment and vote for the ​different ideas classified in ​health, education, innovation, ​among others.

Image about Qolitica: The World's First Political Social Network! Politicians.

Election Results

Know and disseminate the ​details of the Presidential or ​Prime Minister elections in the ​world.

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Empowering Citizens by ​Connect, Debate and Influence ​with the Right Ideas!

Who are the Founders of Qolitica
Image about the Founders of Qolitica: CEO Cristian Cortés and COO Beatriz Isler.
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Cristian Cortés and Beatriz Isler are a married couple, who have worked together for 15+ years in different health, education, technology and innovation startups, who complement each other and share values (excellence, integrity and deep respect for the service of people), adapting constantly to achieve its purpose: Salvation, Health and Freedom become a Reality!

Creators of the first Virtual Therapists, Global Health Insurtech with Virtual Doctors (Zallud), Community of Christians around the World (Alerci), First Political Social Network in the World (Qolitica) and Platform and App Development Agency with Artificial Intelligence (Gepardo).

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CEO at EHT DAO. Physical Therapist, Bachelor of Kinesiology. ©Master in ​Physical Therapy, Minor in Psychology and Diplomas in Rehabilitation, ​Exercise, Health and University Innovation. Sherpa and Instructor in “Evidence ​Based Entrepreneurship & Lean Innovation (EBELI)”. Former Singularity ​University Ambassador Santiago Chapter. “ExO Entrepreneur LATAM” for the ​ExO Community Award. “Fifty of the Most Influential Voices in Healthcare” for ​Medika Life, “Top 50 Global HealthTech Thought Leader and Influencers on ​Ecosystems” for Thinker 360 and “Top 200 Exponentialists in Digital Health”.

Photography of Beatriz Isler Muñoz.
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COO at EHT DAO. Physical Therapist, Bachelor of Kinesiology. © Master in ​Physical Therapy with Diplomas in Rehabilitation, Exercise and Health, with ​experience as a University Professor and Researcher in Human Functionality, ​Digital Health and Aquatic Therapy. She did an International Clinical Internship ​in Hydrotherapy. She coordinated the “Choose Living Healthy” program of the ​Ministry of Health; However, her greatest achievement is to form a beautiful ​family (husband and four children), balancing her life as an entrepreneur. In ​2022, it was recognized as a "Digital Health Champion" by the IDB (Inter-​American Development Bank).

What Do Our Users Think
Testimonials about Qolitica.

“Sharing ideas in ​Qolitica is fantastic, ​because after debating ​and voting with ​politicians from different ​parts of the world, the ​best ideas can be ​implemented in our ​countries, empowering ​their citizens”

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Testimonials about Qolitica.

“I love this platform, ​because I can interact ​and support various ​political projects that ​represent me to ​achieve a more equal ​and representative ​world”

Photography of William Brown.

William ​Brown

Testimonials about Qolitica.

“Here I can meet the ​world leaders in my ​sector, through ​ranking, like ideas, ​efforts and ​achievements in their ​countries, who inspire ​and challenge me”

Photography of Emily Johnson.

Emily ​Johnson

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Top 200 Politicians Exponentialists

Main ​global political leaders who are ​generating value in the field of ​politics, ​cultural battle and implementation of ​ideas in education, ​health, economy, ​security, innovation, environment, ​justice, ​infrastructure, defense and ​government in their respective countries.

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