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Two Politicians: A black man and a blonde woman with neon yellow colors. Everything you need to ​know about Qolitica!

Everything you ​need to know ​about Qolitica!

Discover Qolitica: A Space to Transform Ideas into Action

Welcome to Qolitica, the first political social network in the world, through a platform that is changing the way we engage with politics! Have you ever wished to be closer to political decisions and better understand the ideas shaping the world? Qolitica is the answer.

What is Qolitica?

Qolitica is much more than an app; it is a window into the political world designed to bring people closer to leaders and their ideas. You can vote on proposals, suggest your own ideas, and get up close with major political figures worldwide, including presidents, prime ministers, senators, governors, mayors, and more.

What is the Purpose and Value Proposition?

The purpose of Qolitica is to empower citizens by connecting, debating and influencing with the right ideas, by empowering civic engagement, by being part of this innovative platform that amplifies your voice, connects you with like-minded people and catalyzes positive changes in issues local and global politicians.

Which are your Principal Characteristics?

1. Global Leaders: Meet, interact, support and debate with the main political leaders in the world.

2. Support Ideas: Read, comment and vote for the different ideas classified in health, education, innovation, among others.

3. Election Results: Know and disseminate the details of the Presidential or Prime Minister elections in the world.

Actively Participate in Change

In Qolitica, citizen participation is key. Your voice has the power to ​influence political decisions. Vote for ideas that matter to you and ​propose solutions. Be an active part of the change you want to see in ​the world.

An Impartial and Accessible Platform

At Qolitica, we believe in impartiality and accessibility. The platform ​is committed to showcasing content from different political ​perspectives, providing users with a comprehensive and objective ​view. Offensive comments or disqualifications are not allowed here. ​We aim to foster a respectful space where everyone can express ​their ideas and learn from each other.

Visual Data for Better Understanding

We understand that information is power, so at Qolitica, we present ​data graphically for easier comprehension. Politicians can see the ​impact of their ideas, while ordinary citizens can visually explore the ​most voted proposals and participate in the decision-making process.

Join the Qolitica Community

We invite you to join the Qolitica community and download the ​application. Be part of a movement that empowers people to ​contribute to a better world. Discover, vote, propose, and connect ​with leaders and citizens who share your concerns and goals.

Download Qolitica today and be part of the change!

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